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TrustSphere for Sugar

Build extraordinary customer relationships with Relationship Analytics for Sugar.

TrustSphere is a relationship analytics integration for Sugar that was built to accelerate customer engagement. Your CRM data is only as good as the information that exists there. But what if you could capture multiple complete streams of rich, timely and relevant data and house that inside Sugar?

Relationship Analytics for Sugar offers just that by providing previously unavailable levels of real time insight into the true communications activity between your organization and your customers and prospects.

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Replace Cold Calls and Improve Sales Productivity

TrustSphere's LinksWithin enables you to leverage your organization’s combined social network, to find the most relevant connections to an external company or individual. LinksWithin uses a data-driven approach to quantify relationship strength, so that you can find the best path to a prospect, via a simple search.

TrustSphere Missing Contacts Dashlet reveals what is NOT in Sugar – all the contacts and important relationships that do actually exist, but are non-existent in the CRM – and prompts customer facing stakeholders to add these potential contacts with just one click. Saving valuable time that can be better spent in the field engaging with the customers.

Never Be Blinded Again

When was your customer last contacted and by whom? What was the context of this interaction? TrustSphere automatically populates Sugar using corporate communication logs so you can answer these simple, yet important questions. View the last time someone emailed your prospect, customer or partner and connect overlay sales teams in an intelligent way. With TrustSphere’s Sales Analytics, Relationship Managers gain visibility over all interactions with clients, including those that are not in the CRM, so that they are always prepared for meetings and calls to ensure a coordinated customer dialogue.


The typical sales organization loses between 15 - 20% of its team every year. Staff turnover can cause disruption to customers and impact client retention. Providing relationship data from across the organization to a new account executive is priceless. It allows the new sales employee to gain an awareness of all the key decision-makers inside your company, and tells them who is interacting with customers and prospects. Sales Manager are also able to transition a departing Sales Rep’s key relationships to their replacement, thus ensuring a smoother transition and decreased disruption for the customer. This ability to pass on relationship information typically improves the time-to-productivity of new reps from 3 months to just 1!


Renewals are often neglected because the sales teams is busy finding new clients and forgets about existing customers until it’s too late. Studies show that one of the primary causes of customer defection is being neglected by a vendor. TrustSphere provides clear visibility over the status of each account, answering questions like ; Are we connecting with the customer? Are they responsive to us? Do we need to try something new to engage a prospect? Relationship Analytics lets you identify and pre-empt potential problems, so that you deal with them before it’s too late!


Forecasting is part art, part science! The opportunity-cost of delaying a lead is high, and you don’t want a potential deal to slip into the next quarter. Understanding the communication flow between your company and the customer or prospect, is crucial to knowing whether your deal is ‘at risk’. When your entire organization has a healthy cadence of back and forth communication, a deal is usually healthy. When that communication is one way, such as a set of emails going to the customer and none coming back, it typically means something may be stalling and action is required before it’s too late.


Relationship Analytics for Sugar can be installed on the
Sugar platform through a set of widgets. It provides Sugar
users with Relationship Analytics insights that can be
applied to sales opportunities, leads, contacts and accounts.

The following Sugar versions are currently supported:
• SugarCRM 7.5.x, 7.6.x (on premise)
• Sugar on demand

The following email systems are currently supported by TrustSphere:
• Microsoft Office365 and Exchange
• IBM Domino and SmartCloud (Notes/Verse)
• Google Apps for Work

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