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Customer Access Support Hub (CASH)

Do you need 3rd party vendors, partners, and contractors to access certain aspects of your SugarCRM data, but you don’t want them to be able to log into the entire application? We'd like to introduce you to our Customer Access Support Hub, or, CASH.

CASH for Sugar gives you the ability to allow dozens, hundreds, or thousands of external parties to access key data in Sugar. With CASH, you can give people limited access to data that was previously inaccessible unless you were logged directly into Sugar.


Use Cases for CASH

  • Customers can log into the portal to view their invoice history, open invoices, and account status by viewing custom modules integrated with your ERP Software (like Quickbooks, Sage, Intacct, etc.).
  • If you work with multi-line sales reps, you can give them access to their accounts only to view detailed account information.
  • Customers can log into the portal to self service address changes to their account.
  • Have customers or vendors view the status of projects maintained in Sugar.
  • Customers can log into the portal to add support cases, view support case statuses, and access key company documents.
  • If you’re a financial services or investment firm, have investors log-in to access investment information and other key communication items.
  • Customers can log into the portal to view product information, including quantity on hand (if integrated with your ERP Software).

  • Invoice History


    Features of CASH for Sugar

  • Users can be attached to one account or multiple accounts.
  • Portal users can access up to 4 Sugar modules.
  • You define which modules are available for which users.
  • Almost all modules are available for access, including custom modules.
  • Almost all fields are available for access, including custom fields.
  • Access is on a real-time basis. View data real-time. Make changes to data and have them appear in Sugar in real-time.
  • Both read only or read and write access are available for data on a user by user basis.

  • Benefits of CASH

    Cost Savings

    CASH is essentially a limited version of Sugar for customers, at a fraction of the cost. Ideal for companies using Sugar who have partners/customers/1099 contractors, who need to have access to Sugar data in a limited fashion. The portal is valuable because you’re giving people access to data they otherwise would not have.

    Totally Customizable

    CASH is totally configurable and customizable. Users have access to ALL Sugar modules (including custom ones). This customizability will allow users to push out custom fields to the CASH portal.

    Customer Self-Service Portal

    Allow customers to submit customer service issues in real-time and have them automatically sync to Sugar.

    Integration View

    You can give customers a self-service portal to your Sugar Integrations as well, including QuickBooks, Sage 100 or NetSuite. For example, in addition to seeing and submitting tickets, clients will also be able to look at their invoices and purchases.

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