Sourcescrub Research Management Solutions

Sourcescrub is a data research management solution that enables investment professionals to eliminate time spent researching company lists. The Sourcescrub platform streamlines the process of target identification through on-demand access to thousands of industry conferences, buyers guides, and award publications, as well as the ability to build your own company lists via keyword, geography, and firmographic details such as size and ownership.

Sourcescrub was built by investors for investors

SourceScrub allows you to get smart on hot sectors in minutes by searching for businesses with analogous keywords to ones you currently track. Additionally, uncover where competitors are investing using up-to-date and validated investment data. Finally, connect companies to ‘Sources’ to generate insights about which end-markets private companies attempt to position themselves

Integrate Sourcescrub with SugarCRM

SourceScrub for Sugar: Source Investment opportunities and maintain active business data in Sugar, benefits include:

  • Add new records or cleanse your existing Sugar data
  • Optimize a data funnel straight into Sugar Accounts or Leads
  • Create data integrity reports with your CRM to help identify potential data problems
  • Take Action on Investment opportunities and maintain your Sugar data
  • Siphon data straight into Accounts, Leads, and Contacts, without worrying about soured, duplicative, or inaccurate information

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Private Company Info

Identify Platform and add-on investment opportunities, and communicate with key decision-makers of Founder-owned non-transacted businesses.

Travel Optimization

Make trips out of the office more worthwhile by uncovering opportunities for meetings within specific geolocales or ranges from a city center.

TAM Analysis & Market-Mapping

Pinpoint the competitive landscape of your prospective and current portfolio companies. Get smart quickly on new industry verticals so you can originate more quality deals.

Conference Prep & Intelligence

Coverage includes over 30,000+ Industry Conferences (scrubbed in advance of the event), Buyers Guides, Top Lists, Member Associations, and on-demand custom research capabilities.

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