Recognized by leading market analysts as a CRM visionary and innovator, SugarCRM enables businesses to create extraordinary customer relationships

SugarCRM Training

Though Sugar is intuitive and user-friendly, the secret to success with Sugar is understanding all of its awesome features. At Faye Business Systems Group, we provide SugarCRM training for your team—we won’t just sell you the software, then leave you hanging.

From basic use to more advanced features, FayeBSG’s Sugar training will ensure that everyone in your company is confident and prepared to use Sugar on their own, and further customize it to be the perfect personal CRM system. We’ll train your people in classes, at your office, on the phone, in a virtual meeting—we’re willing to work on your terms!

Other Services for Success

Faye Business Systems Group has multi-layered expertise in CRM, ERP, and marketing integrations. Therefore, we can offer our customers a variety of services along with Sugar training. Our professional software consultants are here to help with all of your questions, from which software to choose, to customization options, and even questions about receiving SugarCRM training.

Our project managers are pretty much all about efficiency, and they will work with you to manage all the tasks and deadlines needed to successfully implement your software. It’s just that easy and intuitive.

Customized CRM

We’re here to help you get the most out of your software through integrations and proper SugarCRM training. One software cannot work alone in the modern age. Combining software is the key to successful business operations. FayeBSG will work with your customized integration packages, while providing the necessary training you need to reach your business’s full potential.

Our team wants to help you beat the competition. If you’re using standard software reports and outdated tools, you’re more likely to be left in the dust. We truly just want you to achieve success. We can build reports that specifically meet your vision and, as a result, crush your competition.

Our Software Services

FayeBSG is an innovative software company with extensive expertise in CRM and ERP software. Specializing in extensive multi-layered CRM, ERP and marketing integrations, FayeBSG concentrates on a wide array of high value software development and consulting services.


You’ve got software. You need software. We can help. What software will work best for you? How do we supercharge the software we have? How do we customize what we have? Do we buy or build? We answer these questions for our clients every day.

Project Management

What is project management? It’s making sure you get what you think you’re getting when you’re supposed to get it for the amount you think you’re paying. In other words, we work with you to manage all the tasks, deadlines, and deliverables needed for a successful implementation of your software.


It’s the dirty little success secret of all software implementations. Training. The last frontier. The key to user adoption and success. We train your executives, your admins, your line workers, and your relatives (if needed). We do it in classes, at your office, in our office, on the phone, via a GoTo Meeting..whatever.


Gone are the days when software works all alone. In a silo. To get the most out of your software today, your software needs to play nice with other software. This is no longer optional. We help your software talk with other software. We have off the shelf packages we’ve developed. And, we do it custom. Whatever you need.

Custom Development

Big teams. Big enhancements. Small Teams. Big Enhancements. The FayeBSG Development Team is here to actualize your software vision. You want your software to do what? Yea, we can help with that. Really – Welcome to the Software You’ve Always Wanted..

Data Migration

If you’re implementing new software, you probably had software that came before it. No one likes to start from scratch, so we help with that. We help you take the data from the old, and move it into the now. Our experience encompasses moving data from every CRM and ERP software package imaginable. We’d list them all here, but you wouldn’t believe us if we told you.


Whether the software is on a server in your building or somewhere in the cloud, somebody usually needs to install something. We do that. We also configure and test it to make sure it works right (just thought we’d mention that).

Custom Reporting

If you’re using the standard reports that come with your software, you’re probably not beating up on your competition. We help you with that, by working with your vision or by giving you ideas. Our team then builds the reports to meet your vision, and of course, crush the competition.

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