See HubSpot Integrated with Sugar Live!

When you sync a marketing automation system with a CRM, you’re doing more than integrating databases, you’re setting your marketing organization with a high-performance marketing and sales tool.

The HubSpot SugarCRM integration creates an integrated, inbound marketing approach, where companies can effectively reach more prospects and better align their sales and marketing teams to execute more effectively and close more business.

These are the Top 5 Benefits of the SugarCRM Hubspot Integration

  • Highly configurable, true bi-directional synchronization of HubSpot and SugarCRM data
  • Simple, intuitive User Interface
  • Excellent value – nothing comes close at this price point
  • Display HubSpot directly in SugarCRM – less tabs open
  • Automate processes / actions in either platform based on contact or lead activity

View a high-level overview of our HubSpot integration for Sugar here.