Sugarcrm Portal

Integrate Portal with SugarCRM.

CASH for Sugar gives you the ability to allow dozens, hundreds, or thousands of external parties to access key data in Sugar. With CASH, you can give people limited access to data that was previously inaccessible unless you were logged directly into Sugar.

  • Users can be attached to one account or multiple accounts.
  • Portal users can access up to 4 Sugar modules.
  • You define which modules are available for which users.
  • Almost all modules are available for access, including custom modules.
  • Almost all fields are available for access, including custom fields.
  • Access is on a real-time basis. View data real-time. Make changes to data and have them appear in Sugar in real-time.
  • Both read only or read and write access are available for data on a user by user basis.
  • All FayeBSG products are based on an annual recurring subscription.
  • Includes all software updates for one year, an operating manual and unlimited email support.
  • Support emails go to
  • Costs do not include professional services other than emailĀ support.
  • End User License AgreementĀ here.
  • Implementation services not included but recommended. Call us for implementation pricing @ 818-280-4820.