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Welcome to the Software You've Always Wanted... - Simplify the way your team works is the new name of a product previously known as dapulse, namely one of the market's leading collaboration and communication apps for teams. It syncs all information in a single, accessible hub, and empowers agents and team members to make important decisions together.

As a project management tool, is the go-to resource for teams, clients, freelancers, and even single users. gives you a way to manage everything, not just projects, it allows you to stay focused on the big picture while achieving tasks with your team, or on your own! It is visual and intuitive.

Manage everything on a single board

A board is the place you track everything your team is working on. Instantly see who's working on what and where things stand.

Easily add tasks, projects, missions, and to-dos. Assign teammates to specific tasks or projects. See the exact status of where things stand. Plan your workload over time

Manage time and plan ahead visually

  • Visualize everything your team is working on in a single glance
  • Instantly evaluate your team's bandwidth
  • See who's busy and who's not
  • Ensure you'll meet all of your deadlines
  • Benefits

    Search anything and everything

    Keep your clients in the loop

    Connect with the apps you love

    Work exactly how you want with infinite versatility

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