Secure and scale your Software and IT infrastructure with JumpCloud, like FayeBSG did!

What is JumpCloud?

JumpCloud is a directory-as-a-service (DaaS) solution that customers use to authenticate, authorize, and manage users, devices, and applications. JumpClouds mission is to help organizations securely manage their users and connect them to the systems, applications, data, and networks they need.

Users can secure on-premises devices or applications, such as laptops and wireless access points, and cloud-based services such as a CRM platform and other software-as-service (SaaS) applications.

What is the Value of JumpCloud?

As a cloud directory service, JumpCloud securely manages and connects users to their IT resources. This includes the following:

  • Systems: Mac®, Windows®, and Linux®
  • Servers: on-prem and cloud
  • Applications: LDAP and SAML based
  • Productivity Suites: G Suite™ and Office 365™
  • File Storage: physical and virtual
  • Networks: Wired and wireless via RADIUS

JumpCloud’s multi-protocol and vendor independent approach enables IT admins to empower their end users with the IT resources they need to do their job and still maintain control.

How JumpCloud Enhances Software Security

JumpCloud makes it possible to centrally enforce strong security measures across all layers of your Software and IT environment:

  • IDENTITIES: Complex passwords, MFA, and SSH key authentication (where applicable) can be used to strengthen user identities.
  • SYSTEMS: IT admins can fortify their systems with features like MFA at the systems level and policy management.
  • DATA: JumpCloud’s Full Disk Encryption (FDE) policy empowers IT to encrypt the hard drives of their Windows and Mac fleets with the click of a few buttons
  • NETWORKS: RADIUS-as-a-Service allows you to bolster network security a couple of ways. Eliminate shared SSIDs and passphrases by providing employees with their own unique credentials to access the WiFi. Utilize RADIUS reply attributes, like VLAN tagging, to segment a single physical network. This way you can be sure the Sales team doesn’t have access to production servers, and engineers don’t have access to financial documents.

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