We love software,

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Deep Product Expertise

We focus on knowing a lot about the few, rather than a little about the many. Consequently, we go really deep in the products we support. You want your software to do what? Yea, we can help with that because we’ve probably already done it. Really – Welcome to the Software You’ve Always Wanted….

Broad Technical Knowledge

We see CRM and ERP as part of an ecosystem of technology. You can’t get your CRM and ERP solutions to be all they can be without having knowledge of and experience with related systems – CRM, ERP, Marketing Automation, Project Management, Communications Platforms, and more. We’ve done hundreds of implementations bringing them all together in one cohesive vision.

Customized Solutions

We make your software work for you, not the other way around. We specialize in customized solutions that are innovative, expandable and can be easily and quickly implemented to help businesses prosper and grow.


FayeBSG is an innovative software company with extensive expertise in CRM and ERP software. Specializing in extensive multi-layered CRM, ERP and marketing integrations, FayeBSG concentrates on a wide array of high value software development and consulting services.


You’ve got software. You need software. We can help. What software…


It’s the dirty little success secret of all software implementations. Training….


Gone are the days when software works all alone. In a silo. To get…

Custom Development

Big teams. Big enhancements. Small Teams. Big Enhancements.

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