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Sugar 8.0

In Sugar 8, SugarCRM made vast improvements to data privacy, API updates, a Product Catalog Dashlet, and more.

See a feature breakdown of Sugar 8 here, and hear SugarCRM's co-founder and CMO Clint Oram speak on SugarCRM's commitment to data privacy.

Additional documentation on Sugar 8 are available via the Release Notes here.

Sugar Version 7.8

  • Calls and meetings now have expanded types of recurrence available, especially concerning monthly recurrences.
  • Users will now be alerted of call and meeting invitees who will not receive email invites due to empty or invalid email addresses in Sugar.
  • The start dates in the Calls, Meetings, and Tasks subpanels are now highlighted according to when their start date occurs.
  • Email addresses are now validated when composing emails from Sidecar modules (e.g. via Emails subpanel in Accounts module) in order to detect any invalid emails.
  • Users now have the ability to refresh the records displayed in list views and subpanels by clicking the Refresh button to the right of the search bar.
  • Revenue Line Items, Quoted Line Items, and Product Catalog records can now have quantities of zero and allow for manual entry of fields typically calculated based on a non-zero quantity.
  • Users can now customize the key combinations which trigger Sugar's shortcuts via the Keyboard Shortcuts page.
  • Dependent field formulas controlling a field's visibility are now respected when previewing records via the list view's intelligence pane.
  • Bar charts can now display the total for grouped data in report chart dashlets.

  • Take a comprehensive look at Sugar 7.8 here.

    Sugar Version 6.7

  • Introduced Racer X theme
  • Enhanced forecasting module customizable by role
  • Customization time and outcome frames
  • Mobile app compatible with iOS 5.0+
  • New Sales Reps and Manager Worksheets
  • New Intelligence pane
  • sugar version 7.0

    Sugar Version 7.0

  • New User Interface (UI)
  • Wildcard Usage with Filters
  • More Powerful Search Functionality
  • Advanced Sidecar with loads of Components
  • Better Performance
  • New REST API
  • Mobile Versatility
  • New Modules (Such as Revenue Line Items)
  • Dashboard Feature in all Views
  • Preview from List View & Record View
  • Inline Edit from List View & Record View
  • Insightful Forecasting
  • Help Dashlet in Dashboard
  • Activity Stream
  • sugarcrm advanced workflow

    Sugar Version 7.7

  • New User Interface (UI)
  • Knowledge base relocated to Sidecar
  • Tagging feature introduced
  • Enhanced Global Search
  • Updated lead conversion proves
  • UI updates
  • Advanced Workflow templates and process definition updates
  • Workflow now allows team sets to be used for Action Definitions
  • Group by week has been added to reports
  • New To/CC/Bcc functionality added to the compose email window
  • Quotes subpanels for Accounts and Contacts updated
  • Forecasts now show commit history timestamps
  • Sugar Logic and Knowledge Base enhancements to the Portal
  • Security updates
  • Sugar Resources

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