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Google Email Unable to Meet Security Needs of LA

Oct 22 2011 BY FayeBSG

Google and CSC signed contracts with the City of Los Angeles to implement a... Read More

Sage MAS 90 Toolbox

You must be PCI-DSS Compliant by July 1, 2010

Apr 22 2010 BY FayeBSG

If you store, process, or transmit cardholder data you must be compliant by July... Read More

Technology Life Sage MAS 90 Security

Keep an Eye on Things

Feb 04 2010 BY FayeBSG

Don't fall asleep at the wheel. Make sure you have controls in place... Read More

Technology Life

Are You Secure?

Jan 22 2010 BY FayeBSG

Many times we’ll be meeting with a client, and they will ask “Are we... Read More

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