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Paramount Global Services specializes in packaging products of all types, export and import transportation, information systems, as well as personalized supply chain solutions.

La Mirada, California



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Faye Business Systems Group

Paramount Global Services Doubles Best Ever Quarterly New Business with SugarCRM

Faye Business Systems’ Sugar Implementation Also Reduces Sales Cycle by 10 percent

 “With Sugar, we’ve successfully increased our performance in sales KPIs for four consecutive months. But most important is the new business we’re winning. That’s really skyrocketing.”—Mark McAnlis, General Sales Manager–U.S., Paramount Global Services

Paramount Global Services, a packaging and freight forwarding specialist, turned to SugarCRM and Sugar partner Faye Business Systems when it needed a CRM application to grow sales and improve sales management. Through standardizing sales processes and increasing visibility in the sales pipeline, Paramount’s Sugar solution more than doubled new business growth in the first quarter of 2012 above any previous quarter and shortened the sales cycle by 10 percent.

Business Challenges
Paramount Global Services sells packaging—bottles, cans, pails, and so forth—and international freight forwarding and logistics services to manufacturers. When Mark McAnlis joined Paramount as its general sales manager for the U.S. sales force, he had two objectives: grow overall sales and significantly increase the percentage of revenue from services. “When I came onboard, I realized Paramount had a massive customer base, many of whom we knew little about,” recalls McAnlis. “There was a significant amount of tribal knowledge about our customers, but no central repository, no visible sales pipeline or sales process, and really no sales management. It was a hodgepodge of Excel spread sheets.” Paramount needed to develop a sales process and a visible pipeline, and for that a CRM solution was essential.

The Solution: Sugar Professional On-Demand
Paramount evaluated a number of CRM solutions and one key requirement emerged early on. Any solution that Paramount might consider had to integrate with Sage 100 ERP (formerly Sage MAS 200), the company’s primary operations system. SugarCRM met that requirement and two others: ease of implementation and affordability.

After choosing Sugar, Paramount engaged Faye Business Systems Group, a Sugar and Sage 100 partner, to help design the solution and deploy it. To test the system, Paramount selected a lead team with one representative each from outside sales, inside sales and marketing, and customer service. When that effort proved successful, the company deployed a basic, out-of-the-box implementation of Sugar, gradually brought in more users, and developed its sales process. “Faye was integral throughout the entire implementation, including the training we did for the lead team and the quarterly training we continue to do,” McAnlis explains. “They’ve been a terrific partner to work with. We have a similar approach to business and similar values. They’ve been fantastic.”

The early implementation focused on winning new business via increased pipeline visibility and better opportunity management and getting the tribal knowledge of the customer service team into Sugar. “We were up and running with Sugar in 30 days. Over the next several months I developed the analytic and metric tools that are now invaluable.”

Business Benefits
Increasing new business was the number one priority for McAnlis when the Sugar project began. And with Sugar deployed, Paramount acquired more than double the new business in the first quarter of 2012 than it had in any previous quarter while reducing its sales cycle by ten percent. “Sugar and our partnership with Faye has been a significant success,” notes McAnlis. “It’s improved our ability to manage the sales pipeline, create sales metrics, effectively analyze those metrics, and ultimately gain new business.”

With the process improvements that shortened the sales cycle, deals close more quickly, accelerating revenue recognition and improving cash flow. “There will always be a certain percentage of opportunities that take a long time,” McAnlis observes. “But Sugar helps us pinpoint the business that we want—business that has a high probability for us to close—and determine quickly when it’s not so we can close it out as lost much faster.”

As Paramount uses Sugar on a routine basis, Faye is working to improve the company’s business processes via integration with Sugar. For example, the integration of Sugar with Sage 100 ERP, which is well underway, will achieve a third milestone for Paramount. “It was easy to get customer sales data from Sage 100 flowing into Sugar,” comments McAnlis. “Our goal this year is to have our outside sales people completely out of that program. We want them in Sugar and Microsoft Office and to have everything they need available through Sugar. In addition, Faye has integrated Constant Contact with Sugar, which monitors Paramount’s email marketing campaigns directly through Sugar. The integration creates bio directional email lists, syncs accounts and contacts, email addresses, marketing lists, campaign results, and individual email tracking and unsubscribe results.

“With Sugar, right out of the box, you have a tool that’s easy to learn and to implement, which for a small business is very important,” McAnlis concludes. “And I would absolutely recommend Faye. Without their help, guidance, and mentoring, none of what we’ve done in Sugar, and none of the successes that we’ve had because of it, would have been possible.”

About Paramount Global Services
Paramount Global Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of Paramount Can Inc. headquartered in California. Paramount has 5 warehouse locations including; a bonded warehouse in the UK, 3 warehouses in Southern and Northern California, and Arizona. PGS specializes in packaging products of all types, export and import transportation, information systems, as well as personalized Supply Chain Solutions. In addition, PGS is a specialist in handling and packaging hazardous material.

About Faye Business Systems Group
Faye Business Systems Group is a technology consulting and software company that helps growing companies become more profitable by working with them to optimize their financial and business systems. Faye Business Systems Group has completed hundreds of successful CRM projects and is one of Sugar’s leading North American Gold Partners.

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