As the world’s fastest growing CRM company, SugarCRM applications have been downloaded more than seven million times and currently serve over 700,000 end users in 80 languages. Over 7,000 customers have chosen Sugar CRM’s On-demand (cloud) and On-site (customer premises) services over proprietary alternatives.

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Depending on your requirement SugarCRM offer numerous additions for you to select from. Each edition includes the follow: Full sales, marketing and support automation, email integration, reporting, team selling, advanced security, workflow automation, social CRM; Support for 22 languages, unlimited API calls, regular back-ups of your customer data; Choice of either on-premise or cloud-based CRM deployment.

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SugarCRM Vs SALESFORCE was until recently known as one of the most recognized CRM companies due to their longevity in the market, but are now struggling to compete with Sugar’s flexibility and price.

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SugarCRM Customer Portal

Sugar’s Customer Self-Service Portal allows companies to provide self-service capabilities to customers and prospects for key marketing, sales and support activities. Customers can create cases, upload relevant information, search the knowledgebase, and track cases to resolution without ever having to pick up a phone. All cases automatically appear within the Sugar Cases module.

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Powerful and versatile SugarCRM inter operates with other applications and databases. Faye Business Systems Group have custom designed a number of integration’s that will assist you and your business reach its full potential.


The FBSG SugarCRM Toolbox offers you news, tips, tricks, knowledge, and solutions related to SugarCRM.

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SugarCRM reduces expenses and boosts revenue because it’s easy to use, customizable to meet unique business needs and leverages your existing technology investments.

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Gain insightful information from our variety of videos, from customer testimonials through to tutorials.

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