Our SugarCRM
HIPAA Compliance Capabilities

Overview of our Healthcare and Financial Services
HIPAA Compliance Capabilites for SugarCRM

Our SugarCRM HIPAA Compliance Capabilities

SugarCRM is compatible with HIPAA compliance requirements. FayeBSG help your organization properly adhere to the security, privacy, and breach requirements when using SugarCRM

A HIPAA compliant CRM software platform needs to be managed by a partner that is also subject to HIPAA compliance for Business Associates.

Data Compliance is a road not a destination, and FayeBSG has focused its CRM for Healthcare and Financial Services capabilities on constantly evolving to support the ever-changing compliance landscape.

SugarCRM HIPAA Compliance

FayeBSG offers Healthcare CRM and Financial Services CRM users the technical and physical safeguards that are intended to prevent the unauthorized disclosure or use of their Protected Health Data.

We help SugarCRM Users understand how to go about protecting themselves best when they must be compliant.

Why SugarCRM for HIPAA Compliant CRM

As the Healthcare and Financial Services industries move toward an increasingly personalized model of patient and client care, the technology used by healthcare providers and financial institutions isn’t always up to the task. Many providers are still relying on older, more impersonal patient-client-management tools, which isn’t great for their overall customer experience.

Thankfully, this tradition is changing. SugarCRM offers a new variation of CRM technology designed with patients and client data in mind. Sugar simultaneously helps healthcare and financial services providers manage their daily data and security needs and provides a dramatic improvement on the overall customer experience.

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