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Interested in learning more about leads and companies but not interested in spending hours and hours over many different websites? We'd like to introduce you to Hint by SugarCRM.

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Get Data in Seconds, Not Hours

Hint is a new product launched by SugarCRM that automatically searches the web for personal and company information, delivering a wealth of information so customer-facing employees will quickly learn more about their contacts.

If you want to capture a complete CRM record it takes a lot of work. In the past, it could take up to six different websites to compile just the basic contact information on your leads, clients and contacts. If you're using Hint inside Sugar, all you need is an email address and Hint does the rest.

As long as you have an email address, here are the types of information that Hint can find for you, in a matter of seconds!

  • Job Title
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Facebook Profile
  • Twitter Profile
  • Education
  • Previous Jobs
  • Company Size
  • Industry
  • Location
  • Company Description
  • And more...
  • Strategic Customer Touch Points

    Sales Reps spend on average over 30% of their time researching and entering data. The following types of research can take over an hour to capture and enter in to a record:

  • Social Media
  • Company website
  • Reviewing trigger events
  • Searching in CRM for past interactions
  • Education
  • Previous Jobs
  • Industry research

  • Hint provides an advanced intelligence pane that automatically fetches a complete snapshot of data about a person with only their email address. With a single click, users can completely update a CRM record.

    Inside Sugar, the Hint advanced intelligence pane captures:

  • Leads list view Preview
  • Contact list view Preview
  • Leads record view Dashlet
  • Contacts record view Dashlet
  • Accounts Subpanel (leads/contacts)

  • CRM is supposed to tell you more about your customer and guide you with the best next step for every customer touch point. Hint gets you one step closer to creating an extraordinary customer interaction.

    Key Information about Hint

    Available for Sugar Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate Editions

    Runs with Sugar 7.8 and above

    Price is $15 per user per month

    1:1 Requirement with Sugar License

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