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Class Description

Learn how to work with Advanced Workflow to create process definitions, process business rules, process email templates, and how to manage running processes. Advanced Workflow is available in Sugar Enterprise 7.6 and beyond.

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After this completing this course, you will be able to:
  • Understand the capabilities of Sugar Advanced Workflow
  • Understand the difference between processes and workflows
  • Plan a migration from Sugar Workflow to Advanced Workflow
  • Understand all 4 Advanced Workflow modules
  • Manage Processes
  • Guide your team on using Advanced Workflow
  • Registration Information


    -Duration: 2 days
    -Minutes Per Day: 180 minutes
    -Price: $ 595.00 USD

    Target Audience

    -Sugar Implementers and/or Administrators


    -Basic knowledge of process design is recommended.
    -Basic knowledge of process standards such as BPMN is preferred. BPMN is flowchart-based notation for defining business processes within an organization.
    -You should know which business processes you want to automate in Sugar.

    Setup Requirements

    -You will be provided with a Sugar training environment at the start of class.

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