The FayeBSG Sugar Jira Integration

The most comprehensive Sugar Jira Integration available

  • Integration gives users the ability to monitor and track Jira issues from within the SugarCRM Ecosystem
  • CRM Users can use standard Sugar dashboards to track issues in Jira by account, type and priority
  • Dashlet for the Home Screen displays Jira Open Issues, ordered by Priority (as with Jira view)
  • Jira Custom Module, displays Jira Issues, with Project and Assignee reporting available
  • Custom Module enables user to create a Jira issue from within Sugar, and assign to the relevant user
  • Dashlet for viewing Issues past Due Date
  • Dashlet for issues due today / this week



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The FayeBSG Sugar Jira Integration

The FayeBSG SugarCRM JIRA Integration Application gives users the ability to monitor and track JIRA issues from within the SugarCRM Ecosystem. CRM users can use dashboards and other standard Sugar tools to stay abreast of critical project developments from within Sugar, being able to look at issues by account, by type, and by priority. A Critical Issues Dashboard has been created for the Sugar home screen to allow users to be alerted when any issue becomes in danger of going over budget or past due.


Click Here to Download the SugarCRM JIRA Integration Spec Sheet.

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