Sage 100 ERP Elegant Enhancements

el-e-gant, eg:

  • graceful in form or movement: an elegant wave of the hand;
  • excellent; fine; superior;
  • gracefully concise and simple; admirably succinct.

Our enhancements for Sage 100 ERP are all of these and more. They “hit the spot”. We make sure in addition to their “elegance”, they also enhance value. For, after all, an “enhancement” needs to enhance something. Many Sage 100 ERP customizations enhance the software, but we don’t stop there. We believe that the point of enhancements is to enhance our client’s businesses, to enhance their business value, and to enhance their profitability.

Some of our elegant enhancements include:

American Express Integration

The AMEX Import to AP Invoice Entry will import invoices for all charges downloaded from the user’s American Express account online. The charges will appear on each vendor’s individual account and then be transferred to the AMEX vendor for payment.

Accounts Payable Document Integration

Accounts Payable Document Integration allows you to easily link any document or set of documents to accounts payable invoices in your Sage 100 ERP. It provides you with flexible setup capabilities so you can name and store your documents the way that works best for you.

General Ledger Document Integration

General Ledger Document Integration allows you to easily link any document or set of documents to general ledger journal entries in your Sage 100 ERP software. It provides you with the flexible setup capabilities so you can name and store your documents the way that works best for you.

Sales Intelligence Reports

The Sales Intelligence Reports package provides management with all the tools they need to gain detailed access to critical system data. There are many options for custom reporting in Sage 100 ERP. However, FayeBSG’s Sales Intelligence Reports are fast, intuitive, and provide an almost unlimited approach to slicing and dicing data however you need to see it. In addition, our programmers are available to quickly add new sorts, sub-sorts, or selection criteria as you need it. And, best of all, the reports are available from within your Sage 100 ERP menu structure…there’s no need for external databases, synchronizations, expensive add-on servers, etc.

Quick Physical Count Entry

Our Quick Physical Count Entry screen streamlines the process of entering physical counts into Sage 100 ERP. Unlike the standard Physical Count Entry process, you’re not required to Freeze Inventory ahead of time nor are you required to enter the count in any pre-defined order. You can enter counts quickly and easily in any way that makes sense for your organization. When you’re done entering the “quick count”, our enhancement immediately imports the data into Sage 100 ERP’s standard Physical Count Entry function so that standard Sage 100 ERP physical count processes would then apply.

UPS & FedEx Integration

UPS & FedEx Integration allows you to easily import tracking numbers, ship dates, and freight amounts from your UPS or FedEx shipping software. Imports can be automated on a schedule without human intervention. In addition, tracking numbers are imported by sales order numbers and can later be linked to invoices automatically. Other imports require an invoice number to be know prior to importing, but our enhancement only requires that export of the related sales order number from the shipping software. This means you can import data and use the imported information no matter how your business works.

Retail Pro Sage ERP 100 Accounting Link

We built the Retail Pro Sage 100 ERP Accounting Link to help users of Retail Pro point of sale software efficiently link their point of sale transactions to Sage 100 ERP Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and General Ledger Modules. Retail Pro provides fully-integrated front and back-office functionality for your stores, warehouses, and headquarters in a single system.

Auto Generate Production Entries

The Auto Generate Production Entries enhancement streamlines and automates the process of making production entries each time a receipt of goods entry is processed. Many organizations will process production entries for finished goods immediately upon receipt of specific component items. This enhancement automates that process to eliminate manual and duplicate processes.

Auto Generate Work Orders from Purchase Orders

The Auto Generate Work Orders (AGWO) enhancement streamlines and automates the process of creating work orders associated with purchase orders that have already been entered. This is especially valuable for organizations that inventory all components for finished goods but outsource the labor for the production or manufacturing of the actual finished goods themselves. The AGWO enhancement allows users to automatically generate a work order for the finished good after a purchase order for the related outsourced labor is entered. In addition, when the purchase order is closed, the enhancement can automatically close the work order and generate the entry that adds the finished good into inventory and issues the component items out of inventory. This enhancement eliminates significant manual processes as well as reduces numerous opportunities for data entry errors or omissions, increasing the accuracy of inventory and production statuses.

Auto Complete Purchase Orders

o you ever have trouble getting purchase orders removed from your Purchase Clearing Reports? For whatever reason, they stay in some form of backordered status and are not easily removed without a ton of manual entry and analysis. The Auto Complete Purchase Orders (ACPO) enhancement streamlines and automates the process of flagging purchase orders as complete so they are removed from Purchase Clearing Reports and Open Purchase Order Reports.

Inventory Integration with Amazon

Our Inventory Integration with Amazon enhancement allows our Sage 100 ERP users to seamlessly integrate their inventory data with so that their customers have accurate product and quantity data when looking to purchase their items through Amazon. The enhancement allows you to transmit warehouse inventory data from Sage 100 ERP to’s S3 service in an automated fashion. It can transmit all items or just items that have changed since the last transmission.

Open Sales Order by Item Report with Inventory Planning

The Open Sales Order by Item Report with Inventory Planning adds a running inventory quantity on hand balance to the report to give inventory planners the ability to know when items will fall out of stock. With this information, they can then generate purchase orders to make sure items are available for sale by the appropriate date.

Move Invoices from Batches

The Move Invoices from Batches enhancement allows users to selectively move invoices, one at a time from the current batch to a separate private batch. This is useful when facing a situation where a batch of several invoices refuses to post because of complications in just one (1) invoice. In moving the problem invoice, it will free up the remaining invoices to update as needed.