BizInsight™ is a business reporting and analytics solution that provides real-time access to your Sage 100 data from Microsoft® Office Excel®. BizInsight makes it easy for users to expand Sage 100 insight by allowing them to get immediate answers to questions without the usual challenges of gathering and refreshing the source data.

Features and Benefits


  • Real Time reporting
  • 100% Excel®
  • Leverage Existing Spreadsheets
  • Retain All Your Formatting and
  • Cell Arrangements
  • Pre-Integrated to your Sage 100
  • Software
  • Drag and Drop Report Creation
  • No Additional Hardware Required


  • Report from Sage 100 Modules
  • Consolidate Information from Multiple Databases
  • Drag and Drop Multi-Dimensional Analysis
  • Automatic Creation of PivotTables™ for Detailed Analysis
  • Drill to Transaction Detail
  • Generate Reports Faster with In-Memory Caching
  • Provide Workbooks that Decision-Makers Can Refresh and Filter Themselves.

Real Time Excel® Reporting and Business Intelligence

BizInsight™ creates a real-time connection to your Sage 100 data which give users the assurance that they are working with data that is both secure and accurate. BizInsight’s™ unique ability to provide dynamic, multi-dimensional drill down to detailed information based on what the user is exploring provides a level of business insight not found with other reporting tools.

Drag and Drop Report Creation

With BizInsight™, you can create drag and drop reports, utilize reporting templates and create fully integrated reports from existing spreadsheets all within Excel™. Dynamic Multi-Dimensional analysis sets empower end users with the ability to get answers to business questions immediately.

Fully Deployed in Less Than a Day

BizInsight™ was designed to be deployed quickly. It is 100% Excel-based which allows users to leverage existing spreadsheet expertise and workbooks. BizInsight™ runs on existing hardware and in a number of cases comes pre-integrated to your Sage 100 software. You can start increasing productivity, empowering decision makers, and lowering reporting costs today.

View the BizInsight website and fact sheet for more information.