Special Projects

Every business is different, which means their software solutions need to be different too. Out-of-the-box software does not take into account the specific requirements and unique issues that businesses encounter. Sometimes there’s no clear cut path or definition of what needs to be done with a client’s accounting software.

In these, and other complicated situations, Faye Business Systems Group has the expertise to craft a creative solution.

If the next steps can’t be clearly defined, and no one is sure exactly what should be done, FBSG has the necessary experience to develop customized software configurations to solve your particular problems.

Special projects are our specialty. Rather than force your business to work with software that doesn’t fit your needs, let FBSG create custom accounting software that works with your business.

Some examples of FBSG special projects over the years include:

  • Cypress Document Management Software / Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200 Integration
  • Axys Portfolio Management Software / Sage MAS 90 Bridge
  • Retail Pro Point of Sale Software / Sage MAS 90 Link
  • Clippership Shipping Software / Sage MAS 90 Integration
  • UPS Worldship Shipping Software / Sage MAS 90 Integration
  • Cypress Document Management Software / Sage MAS 90 Integration
  • EDI OuterBridge for Sage MAS 90 – Sage MAS 90 / Sterling Gentran EDI Integrator Bridge

These special projects are just the tip of the iceberg; in the hands of a Master Developer Sage MAS 90 software is so versatile that no accounting software problem is too obscure. From document management to shipping, from portfolio management to point of sale, FBSG has done it all. Regardless of the hurdle, we can give you a MAS 90 software solution that not only works for you, but works with you as well.

Contact us today to get your own FBSG special project started.