Another service offered by Faye Business Systems Group’s accounting software consultants is the development of computer dashboards for your custom accounting software. A computer dashboard is typically a user interface that does, in part, look like the dashboard of a car or truck. It is typically easy to read and simple to navigate.

Computer dashboards are a way of streamlining and grouping essential data in a coherent fashion. Once this data is streamlined, management, business owners, and employees can get a quick look at the most critical data. With all the critical data in one place, decisions, comparisons, and conclusions can be made in a timely fashion.

In accounting technology, there are inevitably lots of numbers and lots of financial data floating around. The advantage of using a dashboard in accounting technology is that it makes information, numbers, facts and figures easier to read. Rather than having to jump from computer screen to computer screen, jumbling your mind and confusing your numbers, a computer dashboard makes things clear and concise. All the data you need is literally right in front of you.

A computer dashboard may also be interactive, further assisting the software users with the manipulation of their data.

In addition to a computer dashboard merging data from a single computer, it may also merge information from several applications – or even the Internet – and present it as if it were all coming from the same computer. This saves you from having to look at a variety of sources, further saving you time and the risk of confusion.

Over the years, our accounting software consultants have created hundreds of computer dashboards, inquiry screens, and different views for our clients. We have helped our clients more easily track the critical performance metrics of their companies. We have used the latest in accounting technology to produce custom accounting software that helps companies save time, money, and take the correct steps in the direction of success.