Alerts are a convenient way to keep a handle on critical business metrics. You can set up business alerts to avoid constantly running reports and looking up information. MAS 90 software makes it easy to create these alerts and keep everyone on track and working together as a team. With customized alerts, there is less forgetting and more doing.

The old saying that “Time is money” is particularly true when it comes to accounting software, and Sage MAS 90 software definitely saves time with its alerts capabilities. Customized alerts make life much easier by implementing a system of organized success.

At Faye Business Systems Group (FBSG) we have over 25 years of experience serving clients in the Los Angeles area. We use standard MAS90 tools like Business Alerts, Paperless Office, and KnowledgeSync as well as custom programming and various Microsoft tools when needed. Everything is tailored to fit the needs of your company so you and everyone in your organization are able to work at optimal performance at all times.

A few examples of customized alerts we’ve created for our clients here in the Los Angeles area include:

  • Customers behind in payments
  • Sales Orders missing ship date
  • Expiring purchase orders
  • Inventory Quantities Below Minimum Quantity on Hand
  • Orders on Hold
  • Customers Added with Missing Information
  • Customers Over Credit Limit

These alerts are just a small sample of what MAS 90 software has to offer. The possibilities of what we at FBSG can create for your organization to increase productivity and profitability are literally endless. Contact us at our Los Angeles office or by phone at (818) 227-5130 to find out what FBSG customized alerts can do for your business.

Our FBSG Los Angeles MAS 90 support team is always available to help you create the customized alert system that is best for your Los Angeles organization. If you ever need any help, don’t hesitate to contact our MAS 90 support staff at (818) 227-5130 and we will come up with the MAS90 solution that will work wonders for you! After speaking with us, you will find out firsthand what a positive difference it makes to hire the right software consultant.