Installing software, particularly custom accounting software, is never as simple as we want. Inserting a CD and then clicking NEXT won‘t get the job done (although we’d certainly like it to). Rather, software installation is a process, with each step being instrumental to success.

No matter what type of software you are installing, custom accounting software, MAS 90, MAS 200, Quickbooks Enterprise, etc., we work to ensure the end product will work correctly. Our installation checklists include a number of tasks that are critical to the success of a project. These include:

  • Establishing the correct folder for installation
  • Confirming that the folder is included in the server backup
  • Confirming that the folder is NOT scanned by anti-virus software, which can be critical to software performance
  • Installing add-on products along with the software (like Crystal Reports, FRx, etc.)
  • Ensuring that network security and access to the folder are effective
  • Installing only those modules with appropriate licenses and unlocking keys

At the end of the installation process, we make sure to test the installation on the server as well as on all key workstations that will be accessing the software. Each program installed – MAS 90, Quickbooks enterprise, or something else – is checked for complete and total efficiency.