Industry Solutions

Specialized Accounting Software Solutions for Your Industry

With over 25 years of experience in implementing packaged computer accounting software and custom computer accounting software, Los Angeles-based FBSG has developed specialized expertise in a number of industries. Our experience runs the gamut from helping these companies evaluate and select software to implementing and optimizing software that significantly improves operations, as well as the bottom line.

FBSG understands that while the fundamentals of solid IT infrastructure and efficient computer accounting software are universal, different industries require different tools to optimize their day to day operations. Some of the industries we have experience developing solutions for include:

Cemeteries & Mortuaries

The specialized needs of cemeteries, mortuaries, memorial parks and other institutions that offer funeral services require the understanding of an experienced accounting software consultant. FBSG is knowledgeable in MACCS™ implementation, customization and support, in addition to other software needs that are unique to this industry. This allows for complete access and control of important information such as markers/commodities purchased, beneficiary selection, next of kin notification and more. For full details on how FBSG can assist your cemetery or mortuary, please visit our Cemeteries & Mortuaries page.

Cosmetics & Beauty Supply

Whether you need a more streamlined system for managing inventory or providing customer service or assistance with tracking gift certificate sales and redemption, FBSG can help keep your cosmetic or beauty supply company running smoothly. Our experience in integrated software solutions specific to this industry allows us to customize tools unique to your business. Get more information by visiting our Cosmetics & Beauty Supply page.

Distributors & Manufacturers

In addition to our standard packaged computer accounting software, FBSG offers customized enhancements to companies in the distributing and manufacturing industry. From tight inventory control and advanced sales tracking to straightforward shipping software and barcode printing, FBSG offers the products and services that are crucial to a productive and profitable operation. We also offer specialized services to clients in the custom furniture business. Please visit our Distributors & Manufacturers page to learn more.

Coming Soon: Custom Furniture Manufacturing & Distribution

Whether your company requires consultation on existing methods or implementation of an entirely new system of accounting software, Los Angeles based FBSG is dedicated to your success.