Software configuration is a term that can sometimes be hard to define: it can involve a little effort or quite a lot. The configuration of custom accounting software can be something as simple as adjusting the color of a computer screen’s background to something as complicated as dealing with product lines, price codes, and account numbers. At Faye Business Systems Group, our Los Angeles-based software consultants understand the intricacies and challenges often involved in configuring all kinds of custom accounting software. We aim to take the worry of configuration off of your shoulders.

Configuration can be erroneously overlooked by some computer users and administrators. Some people assume that if one element is off, the entire package can still function, just as a chandelier can still work if one of its light bulbs suddenly burns out. However, lack of configuration is often correlated with a lack of quality and the demise of efficiency. Just as a chandelier won’t shine as brightly with a burned out bulb, custom accounting software won’t work as effectively if all the elements are not configured.

At FBSG, our consultants know how to properly configure Sage MAS 90, Sage CRM, MAS 200, MAS 500, and a variety of other software programs. Our consultants also understand that this proper configuration is essential to the success of any type of accounting project.

Based on our planning meetings with our clients, we configure all of the module setup options, the chart of accounts, and forms to meet client requirements. We help assure that the software’s behavior (including updates, reporting, screen layouts, etc.), structure, and appearance (including backgrounds, colors, font size, and images) are all functioning optimally.

Once the configuration is complete, we print out copies of all the key setup components for detailed review with the client to make sure we’re all on the same page. This helps our clients understand the configuration that was just performed and gives them a chance to ask questions or bring up any concerns they may have.

Computer configuration is one of the easiest and best ways to get everything you need out of your custom accounting software, whether it is Sage MAS 90, MAS 500, Sage CRM, Quickbooks Enterprise, MAS 200, or a different kind of accounting program altogether. And using FBSG for your configuration is the best way to get everything you need out of your custom accounting software consultants.