Our Services

Assess, Implement and Optimize Technology Solutions

FayeBSG provides a variety of services depending on the needs of our specific clients. We don’t cookie cutter our services. With all of our clients, in every project, our objective always has one of the following four goals:

  • Increase Revenues
  • Decrease Costs
  • Increase Market Share
  • Enhance employee morale

Our Software Services include:

  • Assessing Your Accounting and Customer Relationship Management Software Needs
  • Accounting and CRM Software Requirements Analysis
  • Custom Accounting Software Selection
  • IT Strategic Planning
  • Accounting Software Consulting in the Los Angeles area

Implementing Technology Solutions

  • Planning a Custom Software Installation
  • Installation of Your Custom Software
  • Configuration of Custom Accounting Software
  • Custom Accounting Software Training
  • Converting Data to Your New Software
  • Sage 100 ERP and Additional Software Support.

Optimizing Accounting and Customer Relationship Management Software

  • Software Customization
  • Sage 100 ERP Report Writing
  • Integration
  • Custom Computer Dashboards
  • Customized Software Alerts
  • Re-Training
  • Upgrade Software
  • Special Projects and Unique Problems
  • EDI Integration
  • Sage ERP Wellness Reviews