Salesfusion helps marketers attract new opportunities, convert them into customers and nurture them into lifetime relationships.

Salesfusion Marketing Automation

Integrated Email Campaigns

Salesfusion’s email marketing solution is part of a broader marketing automation platform. This platform delivers a rich set of enterprise-class email tools that are integrated to other key marketing processes and technology such as landing pages, lead scoring, CRM and pay-per-click. These email marketing solutions will take you far beyond simple bulk email blasts and enable your organization to engage in valuable conversations with prospects.

Lead Capture and Scoring

Salesfusion makes the creation and management of lead scoring simple yet extremely powerful and flexible with LeadAnalyzer™. LeadAnalyzer™, is an enterprise-class solution that enables true sales and marketing alignment and lead to revenue management. Based on simple lead generation concepts and best practices, LeadAnalyzer™ enables you to create one or many scoring models that continuously evaluate and re-evaluate lead behavior.

Website Analytics

WebForensics is a powerful analytics and website visitor tracking solution that is part of the Salesfusion marketing automation platform. WebForensics provides valuable information regarding companies and individual visitors who have hit your site. The WebForensics data enables you to drive critical marketing processes such as lead scoring, sales lead alerts, and nurture marketing campaigns

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