Salesfusion helps marketers drive revenue by providing them with tools for easy campaign creation, powerful lead nurturing, and robust reporting.

Accelerate your Growth with Salesfusion Marketing Automation Platform

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Build Campaigns that Convert

Salesfusion marketing automation platform includes drag-and-drop builders for easy landing page and form creation so you can capture contacts with confidence. Salesfusion then takes marketers beyond bulk email blasts to engaging and personalized conversations through nurturing. Intuitive nurture workflows give you the flexibility to deliver tailored and targeted emails every time.

Lead Capture and Scoring

Segmenting and scoring leads is critical for company success. Leads are segmented based on behaviors or traits so personalized messages can be delivered. Leads also scored based on criteria valuable to you, with one or many scoring models which can be behavior-based or trait-based. Set score thresholds so Marketing sends only the most qualified leads to Sales, and degrade those scores over time for increased accuracy.

Reporting and Advanced Analytics

Salesfusion tracks everything from contact and account engagement to campaign performance to closed won revenue. Buyer journeys allow you insight into user behaviors and paths to conversion while Advanced Analytics helps you understand how your campaigns are performing in an aggregate and visual way. With BI-grade reporting capabilities included you can be confident in communicating the return on your investment.

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