Sage FAS Fixed Assets

FAS Asset Accounting is a comprehensive solution that provides advanced fixed asset accounting and reporting features. It offers more than 50 depreciation methods including MACRS 150 percent and 200 percent (formulas and tables), ACRS, Straight-Line, Modified Straight-Line (formulas and tables), Declining Balance, Sum-of-the-Years-Digits, and user-defined depreciation methods.

FAS Asset Accounting enables you to manage the entire fixed asset lifecycles of all of your assets from acquisition to transfers and disposals, and maintain reliable, relevant, useful data. The FAS Asset Accounting family also provides easy-to-use fixed asset accounting, depreciation, and reporting features for companies needing effective decision-making tools.

Offering more than 30 ready-to-use fixed asset reports, fileable IRS tax forms and worksheets, and easy-to-use reporting tools for creating custom reports, FAS Asset Accounting enables you to obtain the information you need quickly and accurately.

As an industry leader in asset accounting software, Sage develops innovative products, provides certified support, and is dedicated to surpassing your expectations in all aspects of our business. For more information about FAS Asset Accounting, please call us toll-free at 800-368-2405 or visit us online at:

Flexible Configurations

With the wealth of features offered including customizable data fields, SmartLists that provide predefined drop-down lists for fast and accurate data entry, a Group Manager that helps you organize and view only the assets you’re interested in, and “Asset Templates” that promote data integrity and accelerate the process of entering new assets, you can customize your Sage FAS Fixed Assets solution to work the way you want to.

Secure Access

Security profiles can be defined differently for each individual user who has access to the system, ensuring that only those who are allowed to change the data are able to.

Powerful Reports

The FAS Asset Accounting family provides the necessary reports for you to track your assets and obtain crucial information for the preparation of your financials.

Built-in reports

  • Depreciation Expense
  • Depreciation Summary
  • Depreciation Adjustment
  • Period Close Summary
  • Disposal
  • Partial Disposal
  • Disposal Worksheet
  • Transfer/Partial Transfer
  • Annual Activity
  • Asset Basis
  • Fixed Asset Summary
  • General Ledger Posting
  • Net Book Value
  • Quarterly Acquisition
  • Replacement Value
  • Interest on Replacement Value
  • Annual Projection
  • Monthly Projection
  • Property Tax—Summary & Detail
  • Mid-quarter Applicability
  • Adjusted Current Earning (ACE)
  • Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT)

IRS Forms & Worksheets

  • 3468
  • 4255
  • 4562
  • 4626
  • 4797

For more information view our Sage FAS Fixed Assets – FAS Assets Accounting whitepaper.