Sales Tax Tool

Dealing with sales tax doesn’t have to be time-consuming and error-prone: Automate sales tax processes with Sage 100.

Sage makes automation for any business simple, with Sage 100 Sales Tax: A hosted, web-service-based solution that automatically performs address validation, sales tax jurisdiction research, and rate calculation—all on the fly within your accounting application, with no change to your existing workflow. Fully detailed reports are always at your fingertips, and returns are automatically prepopulated and generated. It’s easy: Sage 100 Sales Tax takes just minutes to download and install. Set up nexus and taxability, and begin accessing this professionally maintained tax engine over a secure Internet connection to apply address, jurisdiction, and rate information to every transaction—within the same order entry or customer setup screen you’ve always used.

On-Demand Service
Experience always-on, real-time access with no maintenance and no upgrade fees. You’ll get scalable printing, unlimited user licenses, and a professionally managed repository for addresses and taxes. Never worry about needing to dedicate an IT resource for implementation.

Seamless Integration with Sage100
Integrate this system easily and seamlessly with your Sage 100 solution, with no risk to your data integrity or your accounting system. This noninvasive integration is transparent to the end-user, experiencing no changes to the internal process of the ERP. Integration includes: Customer file, vendor file, inventory file, line item detail, and more.

Decrease data entry time and reduce shipping rates with the best source of address data in the country. The AutoAddress+ coding accuracy support system corrects, standardizes, and validates—with a millisecond response time. No update process is required.

Never research or maintain a tax rate or tax schedule again. Never make a rate decision again. Never make a mistake. AutoJurisdiction works to return correct jurisdiction and rate for each transaction. Automatically receive rate research and validation on every line item of every transaction. Collect correct amounts and eliminate the need for manual selecting/assigning.

Statutory Requirements—Sales Tax
Reduce audit risk and ensure that you are charging the correct amounts. Get coverage of over 12,000 jurisdictions in North America, with consideration to all sourcing rules in every line item. Automatically calculate taxability based on point of origin, point of acceptance, exceptions, exemptions, and more. Get best practices in sales tax compliance and never make a mistake.

Access all data securely online with ease, and get best practices in sales tax compliance. Consolidate data on multiple companies, export in standard data format, and reduce audit risk. Get a monthly remittance report in minutes and access line item details, taxable/nontaxable items, reason codes, and location codes. Revenue and cost account reconciliation has never been this easy.

Automate the entire returns process and collect sales tax information from various internal and external sources. Your tax data is automatically populated onto the form, from information supplied by your accounting application. Decrease errors while reducing data entry time.

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