The New Look from CRM to CX

Already this year, you have seen Sugar acquire Collabspot for no touch email integration, release Sugar 9 for faster sales and customer service collaboration and acquire Salesfusion for integrated marketing automation. Want to see how they all come together in Sugar for a seamless Customer Experience?

Check out our on-demand webinar as we paint the full picture on the new look Sugar, from a CRM to a CX platform. We’ll show you how Sugar is providing customers with a seamless customer experience.


The pace of business is faster than ever, your customers have more choices and more information at their fingertips and disruption is hitting you from all sides. It seems like building a standout customer experience with yesterday’s CRM technology is next to impossible. Sugar can help.

With the most flexible platform, intuitive user experience, and a broad ecosystem of partners – businesses can finally create a fully personalized approach to forging extraordinary relationships with every customer. Automate processes end-to-end, across any channel, and mobilize your workforce in new and exciting ways with Sugar’s mobile offerings – all without increasing system costs. With Sugar, you get a strategic platform, partner and a CRM designed for your organization.


Salesfusion is the new standard in marketing automation, allowing modern marketers access to all the tools they need to engage audiences and measure success. Drive website traffic, create professional-quality campaigns, nurture and score leads, send Sales only the most qualified prospects and uncover which campaigns and tactics are working using a single, intuitive solution.

Salesfusion is the all-you-need marketing automation solution built to work for you.


Collabspot makes it easy to access and create your contacts, accounts, opportunities, cases, and even tasks from right inside Gmail so you can stop switching back and forth between Sugar and Gmail and start closing more deals. As a sales email platform, Collabspot integrates Sugar with Gmail. It’s the perfect plug-in for any salesperson or avid email user looking to utilize Sugar with Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Apps.

Archive emails to Sugar, edit any Sugar record from inside Gmail, and automatically sync your calendar and contacts so your data in Sugar will always be up to date. Empower your sales team with powerful functionality like Send Later, Open Alerts, Reply Tracking, Follow-ups, Templates and Email Reports.