5 Crucial Factors for Real Marketing Automation Success

According to Emailmonday, more than 51% of companies are using Marketing Automation already, and 58% of B2B companies are planning to adopt the technology.

Going into 2019, the Marketing Automation Software market is expected to continue growing at 8.55%, unlocking a market capitalization in the US of a mere $5.5 billion by 2019.

When it comes to Marketing Automation success, we’ve broken the concept down into 5 key areas.

  • Know your buyer’s persona.
  • Have a clear idea of how you define marketing qualified leads.
  • Integrate marketing automation with CRM.
  • Create a marketing automation system.
  • Have an internal champion.

Successful Marketing Automation use depends on these five factors.

View an on-demand video that goes in-depth into each of the 5 key areas to get you on your way to marketing automation success.