Sugarcrm Splash Integration

Integrate Splash with SugarCRM.

By incorporating game-like activities into the Sugar ® user experience, companies now have access to a variety of tools for guiding employee behavior. Want to push sales of a new product
as the quarter draws to a close? Create a sales competition, establish a prize, and post sales results to a real-time leaderboard.

Support tickets not getting closed in a timely manner? Award points to reps who beat the average call time, redeemable for real-world prizes. Needing your team to fully embrace a new CRM? Encourage them to explore by awarding badges for mastering increasingly complex tasks.

Splash seamlessly integrates with Sugar ®. Users can accept challenges, view goal progress, check leaderboards, redeem rewards, and more, all from their Sugar ® dashboard. It also supports custom modules, workflows, and processes, allowing any CRM-based activity to be gamified.

  • All FayeBSG products are based on an annual recurring subscription.
  • Includes all software updates for one year, an operating manual and unlimited email support.
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  • Costs do not include professional services other than email support.
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  • Implementation services not included but recommended. Call us for implementation pricing @ 818-280-4820.
  • Increase CRM user adoption through Levels, Points, Coins, Achievements, and more.
  • Specialized in-dashboard reporting for users, teams, and leaderboards to increase user adoption.
  • Splash comes loaded with a wide selection of pre-made challenges and badges, allowing your gamification program to get up and running quickly
  • Foster teamwork and friendly competition by creating team-based challenges. Import CRM-define teams, or create your own.
  • Built-in Hoopla integration allows announcements, competition results, and leaderboards to be shared on live tv screen.
  • Keep employees incentivized through company-defined rewards — real or virtual.
  • Boost selling behaviors through company-defined competitions, goals, and contests.
  • Splash’s gamification system makes it easy to integrate your company’s unique processes and workflows.
  • Complete administrative flexibility or naming and defining levels, rewards, badges, and challenges. Ideal for matching rewards to company culture and branding.