Sugarcrm Address Validator

Integrate Address Validator  with SugarCRM.

CASH for Sugar gives you the ability to allow dozens, hundreds, or thousands of external parties to access key data in Sugar. With CASH, you can give people limited access to data that was previously inaccessible unless you were logged directly into Sugar.

  • Adds a “Validation Address” field to Accounts, Contacts and Leads Modules.
  • As you type in the address in the field, Sugar reaches out to Google to validate and auto complete the address.
  • Upon acceptance (pressing ENTER) of the address in this new field, Sugar will then populate the rest of the standard address modules.
  • We’re consistently adding more features as we get more feedback from clients, so please check back frequently to see what new points of integration have been added to date.
  • The FayeBSG SugarCRM Address Validator is compatible with all SugarCRM supported versions.
  • Data consistency is the responsibility of the end user.
  • Purchase includes software and operating manual
  • Includes Google API costs
  • Annual maintenance includes email support, upgrades, and updates throughout the year
  • Support emails go to
  • Costs do not include professional services other than email support.
  • End User License Agreement here.
  • Implementation services not included but recommended. Call us for implementation pricing @ 818-280-4820.