Process Manager

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Process Manager
Process Manager is an add-on for Sugar Professionalm administrators that automates custom approval – based workflows

Process Manager is a workflow creation tool designed by SierraCRM for Sugar Professional users to automate certain business tasks. Since the workflow function of Sugar Professional is being phased out, Process Manager is a tool that will take your existing workflows and make them work in Sugar Professional. Currently Process Manager only works with Sugar if your instance self-hosted.

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Customers use Process Manager for a variety of workflows. For example:

Lead Management – automatically send emails and schedule calls and tasks when new leads are created

Case and Support Management – verify that as new cases are created they are routed to the correct support staff and completed in a timely manner

Service Level Agreements – when your customers have purchased SLA’s , Process Manager guarantees that the service they purchased is delivered

Contract Management – Process Manager can manage the process that your company uses for contract approvals

Automated Email Campaigns – send a Happy Birthday email to all your contacts on their birthdays.

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