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Manage everything in a single board

A board is the place you track everything your team is working on. Instantly see who’s working on what and where things stand.

  • Easily add tasks, projects, missions, and to-dos
  • Assign teammates to specific tasks or projects
  • See the exact status of where things stand
  • Plan your workload over time

Communicate with your team in context

Quickly add rows to your board—we call these pulses. They keep all communication in one place, reducing the need for meetings and painfully long email threads.

  • Mention people or entire teams
  • Get notified via desktop or mobile in real-time
  • Comment on and thumbs up your teammates’ work
  • Drag and drop files to centralize all your documents

Manage time and plan ahead visually

  • Visualize everything your team is working on in a single glance
  • Instantly evaluate your team’s bandwidth
  • See who’s busy and who’s not
  • Ensure you’ll meet all of your deadlines

What Customers Are Saying…


Avishai Abrahami | CEO & Co-founder at Wix.com

A company’s structure is the result of leadership that creates a culture. We wanted a culture of togetherness, of people getting recognition. Today, at Wix parties, I can approach any employee and talk to them about their work. It blows their minds. They’re like ‘how do you know?’ and the answer is monday.com! Do you know what that does to their motivation?


Roee Adler | Head of Digital Products at WeWork

monday.com is the best way I know to manage product management processes, especially those involving lots of creative design. It allows our team to visualise our high-level plan and prioritize it in a collaborative way. monday.com excels in that like no other tool I know (and I know lots of them…)


Brad Wohlgemuth | Art Director at Discovery

monday.com has allowed us to better concentrate on actually creating and executing on projects versus spending time sifting through e-mails and lost communication. It can accommodate a large number of projects and create an easy to use atmosphere where project managers and designers have full access to the entire life cycle of a project.


Hope Horner | Founder & CEO at Lemonlight Media

Today, quite literally, everyone gets in in the morning, and they look at the monday.com to see the top priorities. At any given point, we have roughly 300 clients running through various parts of their production or distribution cycle. Prior to monday.com, I had zero insight where our customers were in their life cycle without digging through emails or other software programs. monday.com gave me a simple way to see exactly where each customer was in their life cycle at any given point.


Bernard-Burton Koomson | CRM Content Manager at Adidas

monday.com is a great tool that really helps the team stay connected, we all use it on a daily basis and would recommend it to anyone who is trying to bridge the gap between working with a large team of project managers.


Pamela Becker | VP Global Marketing at Matomy

It’s not just about managing projects…monday.com is an excellent project collaboration tool. Whether working internally or with outside partners using shareable boards, everyone on the team knows where the project stands in real time, and what needs to be done next and when. Plus, all the supportive documents are inside. Thanks monday.com!


Amit Elisha | VP Product at Outbrain

monday.com lets us make sense out of the cluttered world of an agile organization. It gives us the big picture of everything we’re doing and allows us to connect our small sprints to the greater story of what we’re trying to achieve.

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