Flare Sentiment Analysis for Zendesk®
Take your Customer Service workflows to the next level with Ai.

Flare Sentiment Analysis

Flare Sentiment Analysis is a sophisticated Ai that checks incoming messages for certain keywords and phrases, and lets you know if the sender seems to be in a positive, negative, or neutral mood. Agents will receive a custom display indicator of the emotions before they’ve even read the message. This can be a valuable addition to prioritizing your messages and take your Customer Service workflows to the next level.

Core Features of Flare Sentiment Analysis

  • Automatically analyze messages for the sender’s sentiment
  • Gauge sentiment on each response to support tickets and watch mood improve as solutions are presented
  • Categorizes the sentiment into positive, negative, neutral and mixed
  • Legacy communications can be analyzed – useful for training purposes
  • Analyze not only single messages, but whole dialogues as well
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Zendesk Compatibility

Flare Sentiment Analysis is built on Zendesk Sunshine. To be eligible for Sunshine, users need to be on a Zendesk Enterprise plan or above.

Purchase Information

  • All FayeBSG products are based on an annual recurring subscription.
  • Includes all software updates for one year, an operating manual and unlimited email support.
  • Support emails go to support@fayebsg.com
  • Costs do not include professional services other than email support.
  • End User License Agreement here.
  • Implementation services not included but recommended. Call us for implementation pricing @ 818-280-4820.

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