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Jul 12, 2018 BY Heidi Schoendorfer

Sage 100 and Business Intelligence

As technology rapidly marches forward, it is becoming ever more important for businesses to be able to keep up with this continually-changing digital landscape and that is why more and… read more

Jul 10, 2018 BY Jesse Heller

Sales Growth as the Result of Implementing a CRM

If your company is still relying on spreadsheets to manage customer contact information and interactions, then you’re probably wondering why you should consider implementing a CRM system for your sales… read more

Jun 28, 2018 BY Jesse Heller

Integrating SugarCRM and Constant Contact

One of the most widely-adopted and price sensitive email marketing platforms available today is Constant Contact. This cloud-based email marketing solution allows you to create customized emails for clients, then… read more

Jun 27, 2018 BY David Hyman

The Top 4 Reasons Why Salespeople Don’t Use CRM

The Top 4 Reasons Why Salespeople Don’t Use CRM For the most part, the executive and management team can see the immediate benefits of implementing a new, cloud-based CRM system.… read more

Jun 25, 2018 BY Heidi Schoendorfer

Updates to Sage 100 2018

Announcing Sage 100 2018.3, Sage 100 Payroll 2.18.2, and Sage 100 2017.5 Recently Sage released some really cool updates to the Sage 100 platform that you should know about.  You… read more

Jun 21, 2018 BY Jesse Heller

CRM Industry Stats

Did you know that according to Gartner, worldwide CRM software revenue amounted to $39.5 billion in 2017? That’s right folks, CRM is currently (and still) the fastest growing software market… read more

Jun 20, 2018 BY Jesse Heller

SugarCRM vs. Sage CRM

If you’re still working off Excel for your contact management solution or if you’re switching from a legacy CRM system to a new one, you might be considering either Sage… read more

Jun 14, 2018 BY Kaleb Dague

SugarCRM Intacct Integration

Many businesses have vast needs–regardless of size. Some have just started using cloud applications, while many run their businesses entirely online. Yet, no matter how much technology has benefitted a… read more

Jun 13, 2018 BY Todd Hedrick

SugarCRM Support Contracts

Choosing a SugarCRM partner really depends on ensuring you find the right fit your business. One of the major points of concern is the level of support you receive necessary… read more

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