SugarCRM Customer Journey


Help your clients unite best-practice CRM with their customers’ decision journeys. The Customer Journey Plugin for SugarCRM is a new enterprise solution that visualizes the customer’s entire decision process with internal efficiency to streamline processes, boost sales performance and strengthen customer engagement across all departments.

With the Customer Journey Plugin users have the ability to visualize a process or series of tasks for all aspects of the business including lead management, opportunity tracking, account planning and customer care. There are a number of pre-built templates available that can be copied, modified and extended to meet the needs of your organization. This ability to visualize exactly where you are in a journey or process is greatly appreciated by staff and users of the CRM and contributes greatly to adoption.

GDPR Compliance Tracking Template

To make it easier for you to comply with EU GDPR requirements, SugarCRM provides a visual GDPR Compliance Tracking template that supports the implementation of a solid GDPR compliance program. The visual process is provided as a standard template in the Customer Journey Plug-In and is fully flexible, allowing modification or expansion of each step or task to suit the unique needs of individual organizations. The GDPR Compliance Tracking Template is automatically available when you install the Customer Journey Plug-In

Deliver Personalized and Seamless Customer Experience

With the Customer Journey plug-in, you can show your customer relationship professionals where your customers are at every stage of their journey. Help your employees align their internal activities with the individual customer’s decision stage to deliver a personalized, seamless customer experience.

Leverage Best Practices to Optimize Customer Interaction

Increase alignment with your team’s activities with the customer’s point of view. Reorient your customer-facing activities around a deeper understanding of your customer’s decision processes, leveraging best practices to deliver the most optimal user experience. Create customer journey maps that incorporate the best ways to engage with different customers. Then operationalize these maps in Sugar to make sure everyone clearly understands what needs to happen at each step along the way to advance the relationship.

Improve Internal Transparency That Increases Business Efficiency

Shift your focus for employee actions on to the needs of the customer – at every step of their journey. By increasing awareness of the customer journey through every touch point, you can help prospects and customers advance more quickly to the next decision stage. The result: A streamlined process that synchronizes all of your customer-facing-activities to increase business efficiency.