CRM’s Dirty Little Secret: How to Avoid CRM Sticker Shock

The way companies use and pay for customer relationship management (CRM) software has changed significantly over the past decade. While we have moved from perpetual or “up front” license costs towards a subscription-based payment model – there are still several points to consider when calculating the true costs of a CRM deployment over time. Not all companies offer clear pricing terms, and some rely on hidden fees and other arbitrary limitations to drive up the total cost of ownership. Often, the price quoted for the initial deployment is a fraction of the true costs. It is important that organizations looking to deploy CRM know about these potential pitfalls before making a purchase decision.

The following analysis provides a comparative price analysis of four CRM solutions for midmarket organizations (revenues of less than $1 billion and/or fewer than 2,000 employees). The CRM solutions included in this TCO analysis are:

– Microsoft Dynamics CRM
– SugarCRM

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