Collabspot for Sugar

Collabspot makes it easy to access and create your contacts, accounts, opportunities, cases, and even tasks from right inside Gmail so you can stop switching back and forth between Sugar and Gmail and start closing more deals.

As a sales email platform, Collabspot integrates Sugar with Gmail. It’s the perfect plug-in for any salesperson or avid email user looking to utilize Sugar with Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Apps.

Archive emails to Sugar, edit any Sugar record from inside Gmail, and automatically sync your calendar and contacts so your data in Sugar will always be up to date.

Empower your sales team with powerful functionality like Send Later, Open Alerts, Reply Tracking, Follow-ups, Templates and Email Reports.

Access Sugar in Gmail

Access all data in Sugar from inside Gmail.

  • Info from Sugar is accessible from the Gmail sidebar when reading or composing an email.
  • Create and update data in any field in Sugar from within Gmail.
  • See all customer emails in the sidebar.

Email Sync

Organize and sync any email you send or receive into Sugar in one click.

  • Archive all inbound and outbound emails.
  • Specify exactly what opportunity, contact, or account you’d like an email to be archived to.

Calendar & Contact Sync

Sync your Google Calendars and Contacts from Sugar to Gmail.

  • Sync and access shared Calendars so you don’t need to maintain multiple calendars.
  • Relate events to attendees records in Sugar.

Email Tracking

Get notified instantly when your prospect has interacted with your email. Plan your next action and contact them with the right message at the right time.

  • Receive a notification when your emails have been engaged via the Collabspot Sidebar.
  • View the city and country from where they opened your email.

Email Reminders

Receive email reminders to reply or follow-up with emails that haven’t been responded to. Never forget to follow-up with any contact again.

  • Receive email follow-up reminders if the recipient hasn’t replied.
  • Be alerted to follow-up with notifications and reminders in the Collabspot sidebar at a certain date.
  • Follow-up on a specific email after your set time and date expires.

Email Templates

Create and share email templates with your sales team.

  • Create email templates to standardize your email communication with leads and customers.
  • Measure the open, click, and reply rates of each email template.
  • View email template reports so you can find out what messages are working best.

Sales Reporting & Analytics

Understand how your sales reps are spending their time and what’s working for your team using the Collabspot dashboard.

  • Get insight into how your prospects are engaging with your emails.
  • View the performance and closure rate of each sales email sent.
  • Keep track of sales and support email metrics.

Social Integration

Monitor social network activity of any contact from the Gmail sidebar.

  • Access a contacts Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter activity from Gmail.
  • See what they have been talking about on social media networks.