Faye Business Systems Group named Elite Partner for 2019 by SugarCRM

Mar 07 2019

SugarCRM Inc., the company that helps global organizations build better business relationships, has named... Read More

SugarCRM Marketing Automation Technology

What is a Customer Journey and Why is it Important?

Mar 05 2019

Forrester defines the customer journey as the series of interactions between a customer and... Read More


SugarCRM Mobile App Updates to Version 6.4.0

Feb 27 2019

SugarCRM Mobile for iOS and Android enables access to Sugar from users’ iPhones, iPads... Read More


How to Troubleshoot Target Lists Syncs in the SugarCRM Constant Contact Integration

Feb 15 2019

Are you having trouble with your Target lists in Sugar? Can’t see them from... Read More


What Does CRM Do?

Feb 12 2019

Your CRM system can be your company’s most valuable asset, especially when it comes... Read More



Feb 11 2019

Has CRM Has Become Too Complicated? SugarCRM is the cure for overblown, oversold CRM.... Read More


Four Ways Project Management Software Can Help with Your SugarCRM Implementation

Feb 11 2019

Choosing a new CRM isn’t an easy decision. However, once an organization gets to... Read More


The Benefits of Hosting CRM in the Cloud

Feb 06 2019

Should you host your customer relationship management software in the cloud? Short answer: yes.... Read More


Mobile CRM

Jan 30 2019

Mobile CRM (Customer Relationship Management) delivers a full CRM experience on smartphones, tablets, and... Read More


Using Workflows in Sugar to Streamline Internal Emails

Jan 28 2019

Sending a Slack or IM message? Too informal. Walking over to chat with a... Read More

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