SugarCRM Unveils Sugar Discover A New Approach for Driving Revenue Analytics

Sep 25 2019

Today SugarCRM announced Sugar Discover, a sophisticated analytics solution acquired from Corvana, a leader... Read More

CX SugarCRM Marketing Automation Technology

FayeBSG To Sponsor SugarConnection Boston

Sep 23 2019

Faye Business Systems Group, one of the largest SugarCRM Global Partners, today announced their... Read More

CX SugarCRM Best Practices CRM Software

Successful vs. Unsuccessful CRM Deployments

Sep 17 2019

After years of implementing CRM software, both successfully and unsuccessfully, we’ve seen a lot.... Read More

CX SugarCRM Marketing Automation

How to Get CRM Buy-In From Your Executive Team

Sep 05 2019

There isn’t any doubt that a successful CRM implementation will help companies take their... Read More


Three Reasons SugarCRM Moved from SugarCon to SugarConnection

Sep 04 2019

What is SugarConnection? SugarCRM has reimagined the wildly popular SugarCon event for one reason:... Read More


The Importance of Using SugarCRM Data to Define Your Target Customer

Aug 26 2019

Great marketing is about having the ability to speak directly to your target audience.... Read More


Keynote Speaker Scott Stratten to Headline SugarCRM’s SugarConnection in Boston

Aug 21 2019

SugarCRM Inc.®, the company that helps organizations deliver exceptional customer experiences, is gearing up... Read More


Address Validator for Sugar

Aug 20 2019

One of the many cool features that SugarCRM offers is a CRM platform that... Read More


5 Ways Developers Can Get SugarCRM Training

Aug 12 2019

From Developer training, to guides and blogs, the SugarCRM Developer ecosystem is a thriving... Read More

CX SugarCRM Marketing Automation

SugarConnection 2019 Recap

Aug 09 2019

Exclusively for Sugar customers, the SugarConnection events are Sugar users chance to participate with... Read More

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