Sugar Fall 18 Release

Oct 14 2018

At this past SugarCon 2018, SugarCRM showed how their visionary CRM platform continues to... Read More


How to Send and Receive Text Messages with SugarCRM

Sep 07 2018

Have you ever wanted to send and receive text messages with SugarCRM? We did... Read More


Sugar On-Demand is now Sugar Cloud

Sep 06 2018

Naming convention alert! Sugar On-Demand has a new name: Sugar Cloud. Now that we’ve... Read More


Is Your Company Achieving Ideal Sales Velocity?

Sep 05 2018

I know what you’re probably thinking: What is Sales Velocity in the first place?... Read More


How to be Successful with Sugar

Aug 29 2018

Ever wondered how to be more productive while using Sugar? Likely. Hopefully? If so,... Read More


SugarCRM Texting Integration

Aug 08 2018

Short message service (SMS) or texting as we know it is arguably one of... Read More


SugarCRM SMS Integration

Aug 08 2018

FayeBSG has built award-winning SugarCRM Integrations for over ten years now. The ideas behind... Read More


The Disadvantages of Spreadsheets vs a CRM

Jul 25 2018

Many people are familiar with spreadsheets–all those rows and columns. You can perform a... Read More


Cleaning up Duplicate Records in Sugar

Jul 17 2018

We live in a fast-paced world. People change their email accounts as often as... Read More


Sugar 8.1 Released

Jul 12 2018

Sugar Summer ’18 is now live and available for all customers hosted in the... Read More

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