CX FayeBSG Business Integration

10 Tools to Improve Your CX Workflow

Feb 04 2021

A customer experience (CX) system is a robust and intuitive system, but even the... Read More

Business CRM Software Integration

10 Software Integrations You Should Consider for Your CRM

Jan 20 2021

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is a powerful solution. It allows you to have... Read More

Technology Best Practices Business Integration

5 Fundamental Reasons to Use an AI Assistant

Jan 07 2021

One thing we’ve learned recently is that the modern world is just a little... Read More

CX Marketing Best Practices Business Tips & Tricks CRM Software Integration

Taking Time to Reflect: Looking Back on 2020

Dec 29 2020

When 2020 inevitably makes its way into the history books, there’s a lot we... Read More

Technology Best Practices Business CRM Software Integration

The Benefits of Integrating CRM and Project Management Software

Dec 21 2020

There are plenty of “experts” out there with very strong opinions on business technology... Read More

Technology Integration

5 Important Tech Trends to Watch in the Transportation Industry

Oct 07 2020

With technology changing at such a blistering pace, it’s challenging enough for transportation firms... Read More

SugarCRM Integration

Launch and Schedule Zoom Meetings from Sugar with the Zoom Integration for SugarCRM

Aug 13 2020

It’s happened…we’ve integrated Sugar with Zoom, and it’s awesome. If you didn’t know, Zoom... Read More

Zendesk Technology Business Integration

Top 5 Reasons to Use Flare for Zendesk

Jul 16 2020

When it comes to delivering truly exceptional support and service for your customers, every... Read More

SugarCRM CRM Software Integration

Send and Receive Texts Using Twilio and SugarCRM

May 21 2020

  FayeBSG Releases Twilio Integration for Sugar Messaging, the Leading SMS Messaging Application for... Read More

Technology CRM Software Integration ERP Software

10 Answers to Your Questions About Software Integration

May 04 2020

Implementing a new CRM can be scary for any business, and that tension only... Read More

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