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Excel Should be Outlawed

Feb 05 2010

Excel should be outlawed.  There.  I said it.  Or, if not outlawed, you should... Read More

Technology Life Sage MAS 90 Security

Keep an Eye on Things

Feb 04 2010

Don't fall asleep at the wheel. Make sure you have controls in place... Read More

Technology Life Sage MAS 90 Upgrades

Six Clues that You’ve Outgrown Your Accounting Software

Feb 02 2010

Accounting & ERP Software Packages are constantly being enhanced with better functionality. Efficiency and... Read More

Technology Life

iPhone Saves Life

Jan 29 2010

A man buried in rubble in Haiti used his iPhone to survive. If this... Read More

Technology Life

Are You Secure?

Jan 22 2010

Many times we’ll be meeting with a client, and they will ask “Are we... Read More

Technology Life Sage MAS 90

Customizing Software is NOT so bad

Jan 14 2010

Many consultants talk about customizing software as if it’s akin to selling your soul... Read More

Technology Life Best Practices Upgrades

Should I Listen to My IT Guy?

Jan 06 2010

If you run a company, you’re probably used to your “IT Guy” telling you... Read More

Life Best Practices

Doing Business on an iPhone

Mar 25 2009

Late last year, I traded in my Treo for an iPhone. No, this decision... Read More

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