CX Zendesk

What Your Business Needs to Know About Chatbots

Feb 23 2021

The chatbot is no longer the stuff of science fiction. It’s real, and it... Read More

CX Technology Business

How to Drive Revenue with Data

Feb 18 2021

Return on investment (ROI) can be a tricky thing to measure, particularly when it... Read More

CX Zendesk

3 Reasons to Add Translation Capabilities to Your CX Software

Feb 15 2021

The world is getting smaller, and that presents a real opportunity for companies of... Read More

CX Manufacturing

The Benefits of a CX Strategy for Manufacturers

Feb 10 2021

  Manufacturing is a parts and product driven industry. Manufacturer A needs parts from... Read More

CX FayeBSG Business Integration

10 Tools to Improve Your CX Workflow

Feb 04 2021

A customer experience (CX) system is a robust and intuitive system, but even the... Read More

CX Technology

How AI Is Transforming the Retail Customer Experience

Feb 03 2021

If you want to understand how quickly the customer experience is changing, all you... Read More

CX Healthcare Technology

How to Use Customer Experience Techniques to Build a Better Patient Experience

Jan 29 2021

One of the most surprising results of the modernization of our healthcare industry is... Read More

CX Zendesk Hubspot SugarCRM

The Emotional Footprint of Customer Relationship Management

Jan 22 2021

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) consists of applications designed to automate and manage the customer... Read More

CX Technology

5 Tips for Pitching Technology to Your C-suite

Jan 19 2021

Senior executives tend to be big-picture people. It’s their job to think about the... Read More

CX FayeBSG Technology

Q&A with Ross Peetoom: What Faye’s Newest Capabilities Means for Customers

Jan 15 2021

FayeBSG has worked hard throughout the past year to be able to bring more... Read More

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