Use Cases For SMS Marketing

May 06 2019

By now you’ve likely received a variety of text-based communications from businesses you frequent... Read More


Why Retailers Should Use SMS

Apr 29 2019

SMS is projected to be the fastest growing marketing channel by 2020, with 48.7... Read More

SugarCRM Marketing Automation Technology

What is a Customer Journey and Why is it Important?

Mar 05 2019

Forrester defines the customer journey as the series of interactions between a customer and... Read More


Successful Software User Adoption

Oct 31 2018

Deploying new software at your company, such as a CRM system, may come with... Read More


The Death of Cold Calling

Aug 21 2018

Cold calling is a prospecting method where you approach potential customers through the phone–and,... Read More


Sales Forecasting Best Practices

Aug 14 2018

Every company needs sales revenue to keep the lights on and the doors open.... Read More


Sales Growth as the Result of Implementing a CRM

Jul 10 2018

If your company is still relying on spreadsheets to manage customer contact information and... Read More


CRM Industry Stats

Jun 21 2018

Did you know that according to Gartner, worldwide CRM software revenue amounted to $39.5... Read More


What is the Difference Between a Cloud Application and a Hosted Application?

Apr 25 2018

These days, many businesses have their heads in the cloud. No, we’re not talking... Read More


Microsoft Dynamics Alternatives

Apr 12 2018

The CRM market has gone through the roof since more companies have been searching... Read More

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