CX FayeBSG Technology

Q&A with Ross Peetoom: What Faye’s Newest Capabilities Means for Customers

Jan 15 2021

FayeBSG has worked hard throughout the past year to be able to bring more... Read More

SugarCRM Marketing Automation Technology

5 Useful Non-Marketing Tools in Sugar Market

Jan 14 2021

If you are using Sugar Sell, then Sugar Market is the Marketing Automation platform... Read More

CX Technology Best Practices Business

5 Customer Experience Flaws and How to Fix Them

Jan 12 2021

  It’s a relatively simple thing for smaller, more agile companies to deliver a... Read More

Technology Best Practices Business Integration

5 Fundamental Reasons to Use an AI Assistant

Jan 07 2021

One thing we’ve learned recently is that the modern world is just a little... Read More

Technology Best Practices Business

5 Ways to Improve HIPAA Compliance

Jan 05 2021

Nothing is more important than the security of your patients’ private health information. In... Read More

Technology Best Practices Business CRM Software Integration

The Benefits of Integrating CRM and Project Management Software

Dec 21 2020

There are plenty of “experts” out there with very strong opinions on business technology... Read More

Technology Best Practices Business

3 Ways to Track Employee Productivity

Dec 16 2020

Your employees are the lifeline of your business. Without them, it would be incredibly... Read More

Zendesk Technology

How to Use Sentiment Analysis to Improve Your Customer Service

Dec 11 2020

If you’ve ever puzzled over a text message or email, wondering if the sender... Read More

SugarCRM Technology

Sugar Mobile Browser View End of Life Notice

Dec 10 2020

For all the Sugar Sell, Serve, Enterprise, and Professional users out there on versions... Read More

Technology Best Practices Business Security

5 Key Concepts for Connecting Technology and Compliance

Dec 07 2020

Compliance professionals have one of the most thankless roles in any organization. It’s a... Read More

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