Faye’s Annual Subscription Plan for Getting the Most out of Your Technology

Accelerate User Adoption.  Receive Premier Support.  Boost Productivity.

Noun. αξία • (axía) f (plural αξίες) The Greek word meaning value.

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aXia is an annual subscription provided by Faye to clients to help them get the most out of their technology. From user adoption to enhanced productivity to premier support and more, aXia is a one-of-kind, annual subscription vehicle to increase the ROI of an organization’s investment in technology and related services.

aXia plans include a combination of support, professional service hours, service levels, ongoing training, and bundles of add-on products that enhance the productivity of your software.

aXia Plans Overview

Contact Us for Pricing aXia for Sugar
Bronze Bundle
aXia for Sugar
Silver Bundle
aXia for Sugar
Gold Bundle
Customer Success Package
Dedicated Account Manager Included Included Included
aXia Academy Access Included Included Included
Dedicated Training Office Hours Included Included Included
New Release Advisory Included Included Included
Quarterly Business Reviews Included Included
User Adoption Tool Add-On Package
Utilization Monitor Add-On Included Included Included
Sales History Dashlet Included Included Included
Splash Add-On Included Included
Dedicated User Adoption Coach Included Included Included
Productivity Tool Add-On Package

aXia Tools

aXia Tools include the following add-on packages:

  • Dashboard Deployer
  • Advanced Trackers
  • Country/State Dropdowns Tool
  • Consolidated Activity Reports
  • Web Form Integrator
  • Fuzzy Search
  • Login As
  • ‘Pretty URL’ Links
  • Calculated Fields Recalculator
  • Timeline Activities (Activity Stream)
  • Address Validator (Google)
Included Included Included
Slack Integration Add-On Included Included Included
Zoom Integration Add-On Included Included Included
Sugar Mobile e Included Included
Professional Services & Support Package
Services Included Support, training, admin, advisory, development Support, training, admin, advisory, development Support, training, admin, advisory, development
Hours Included Up to 36 hours
per year
Up to 72 hours
per year
Up to 144 hours
per year
Service Level High Priority
(same day response)
(4 hour response)
(2 hour response)
Communication Channels Email, Phone, Slack Email, Phone, Slack Email, Phone, Slack
Cost Savings
Software Discounts NA NA Yes
Billing Rate Discounts Yes Yes Yes

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