aXia Tools

Add-ons to make your CRM more efficient.

aXia Tools Accelerate User Adoption and Boost Productivity.

A curated collection of software add-ons that augment your UX and workflows, to make your CRM more efficient.

aXia Tools include
these CRM Enhancements

Activity Report

  • A Dashlet for presenting calls, meetings, emails, and tasks
  • Visualize activities in graph format
  • Customize reports according to your needs and audience

Log-in as

  • Allows an Admin level user to log in as any active Regular User without knowing their credentials
  • Convenient position of the button under “Edit” in user record view
  • Full Sugar Functionality while logged in as another user

Web Form

  • Enables Sugar to receive form data from any source
  • Improved functionality compared to the native SugarCRM web-to-lead forms
  • Works with any module, including custom modules

Fuzzy Search

  • Accelerates the global search function
  • Enables you to find records with less input
  • Allows wildcard character(%) in a quick search filter definition

Timeline Activities

  • Shows the user a history of any Calls, Notes, Tasks, or Emails related to a record
  • Presented with a visual timeline
  • Data can be filtered by Module, Year, Month, Day

Dashboard Deployer

  • Lets Admin users deploy dashboards across entire teams with ease
  • Users can either overwrite or postfix when deploying dashboards

Pretty URL

  • Makes a URL field show up as any name you want
  • Makes UI more appealing
  • Saves space in texts

Calculated Fields Recalculator

  • Recalculates, via Scheduler, all fields (that have calculated value) for modules that have it setup
  • Workflows can be triggered
  • Makes workflows more efficient
  • Less manual input required

Address Validator

  • Simplifies and improves accuracy when inputting any addresses for Accounts, Contacts, and Leads (within the US or Canada
  • Based on Google API it auto-populates the address fields

Country/State Dropdowns

  • Adds a pre-configured drop-down menu with countries and their states
  • Available for Leads, Accounts, Quotes, Contacts
  • States are updated based on the selected countries

Advanced Trackers

  • Track when a field changes
  • Allows you to create reports to find out how long a field stayed on a specific value

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