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Five Ways CRM Improves the Healthcare Experience for Patients

Mar 12 2020 BY Jennifer Karpus-Romain

As the healthcare industry moves toward an increasingly personalized model of patient care, the... Read More

SugarCRM Technology Integration

Five Reasons to Integrate Slack and SugarCRM

Mar 05 2020 BY Jennifer Karpus-Romain

SugarCRM gives you insight into your leads and customers. And this data gives you... Read More

Technology Best Practices ERP Software

The Importance of ERP

Mar 03 2020 BY Jennifer Karpus-Romain

It’s almost impossible to overstate the impact of enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions in... Read More

Technology Best Practices Business Tips & Tricks

Business Intelligence: What is it, really?

Feb 24 2020 BY Jennifer Karpus-Romain

The term “business intelligence” gets tossed around a lot, often incorrectly. But when you... Read More

Technology Tips & Tricks CRM Software ERP Software

Data Is Power: Key Concepts for Unlocking the Potential of ERP and CRM Data

Feb 17 2020 BY Jennifer Karpus-Romain

As your business grows, so does the value of your business data. But without... Read More

Marketing Automation Technology Business CRM Software

Five Sales and Marketing Automation Strategies That Are Actually Useful

Feb 10 2020 BY Jennifer Karpus-Romain

Chances are you’ve heard a lot of people talking about the benefits of sales... Read More

CX Technology Business

Omni-Channel Support: Creating a Seamless Customer Experience

Feb 04 2020 BY Jennifer Karpus-Romain

Customer experience (CX) is a buzzword right now and for good reason. CX is... Read More

CX Uncategorized

Data-Driven Sales Forecasting: Best Practices

Jan 30 2020 BY Jennifer Karpus-Romain

In the early days, even the best sales forecasts were more art than science.... Read More

CX Marketing Automation Technology

7 Ways to Improve Your Customer Experience via Marketing

Jan 21 2020 BY Jennifer Karpus-Romain

It’s a strange fact: Even in the most transactional business interactions, your customers can’t... Read More

Technology Best Practices Business

Don’t Crash and Burn: 7 Ways to Fix Your Failing CRM Project

Jan 16 2020 BY Jennifer Karpus-Romain

Launching a new customer relationship management (CRM) solution is a major undertaking for any... Read More

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